By. Weezer

Suddenly our shortcomings don't seem to matter at much
Your IQ is 20 points low
and I'm no Six Foot Hot Look All American Man

Sad to say I pushed you away
Waiting for "Mrs. Right"
You never gave up

waiting for me
you'll always be my girlfriend
I too am waiting for you
I'll always be your friend

I commend your stubborness
Without it we'd never got this far
I am done with perfection
Chasing her leaves me with nothing but pain

Unlike you
she isn't true
She's got her own concerns
You never gave up

-sedang terbawa dalam alunan musiknya... larut dalam sedih yang entah sampai kapan :'(

Posted at 21:00 by morninglover


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September 22nd 1984  (Age 34)

musik dan dia...
= membuat hidup menjadi lebih hidup...!
hidup tanpa musik...
= aku tanpa dia...!

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